Hourly Luxury Yacht Charter Service in Istanbul

Panoramic Bosphorus Tour (Every Hour)

Our private daily yacht rental service in Istanbul starts from 2 hours as a minimum rental period. You can also plan the duration of the boat rental as half or full day as you wish. The hours do not have any restrictions, but you can determine them according to the availability. You can bring your own food and drinks from outside, or you can request us from the contracted restaurants on condition that you inform your choice of main course. Our pier priority for the start and end of the Yacht Tour is in front of the Çengelköy Kuleli Military High School on the European Side of Kuruçeşme, on the Asian Side. Additional fees may be charged in case of picking up passengers from different piers. You can contact us for detailed information and reservation.

Istanbul Bosphorus Tour at Sunset

Are you ready to experience the unique Bosphorus silhouette of Istanbul with our yachts designed with your comfort in mind at sunset with a wonderful yacht tour? Our sunset program starts at 16:00 in November – February and ends at 18:30, it starts at 17:00 in March – April and September – October in spring and ends at 19:30. In summer, it starts at 19:00 between May and August and ends at 21:30. Please ask for detailed prices for sunset tours that are exclusive to individuals and groups.

Yacht Rental Full Day (10:00 / 18:00)

You can make a long boat tour in the Bosphorus with a full-day rental by choosing one of our luxury yachts belonging to our company, with a private yacht charter service for individuals and groups, at 10:00 in the morning and departure at 18:00 in the evening. Buying and dropping are also made from different piers and you need to get information at the reservation stage. You can also add breakfast, lunch and dinner in the full day Bosphorus tour.

Enjoy the Bosphorus Tour

By renting a boat with a fasil, do you enjoy the wonderful ouzo fish on your private yacht with your friends, and our yacht EVORA 1 also serves you with a beautiful fasil concert accompanied by delicious menu in our yacht EVORA 2 at dinner arrangement of 12 people.